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Outcome driven care

29 Aug 2018

Dr. Stone starts with LynxCare

The Stone Clinic is a sports clinic based in San Francisco, California. Specialized in orthopaedic surgery, medical care, physical therapy, rehabilitation as well as radiology imaging services, the Clinic is renown and respected worldwide.

Source: Dr. Kevin Stone and Super Bowl Champion Tracy Porter. Watch his recovery story here

The Stone Clinic was founded in 1988 by Kevin R. Stone, M.D, who is a pioneer in advanced orthopedic surgical and rehabilitation techniques to repair, regenerate and replace damaged cartilage and ligaments. Not only is Dr Stone an orthopedic surgeon at The Stone Clinic but he is also the chairman of the Stone Research Foundation.

The Stone Research Foundation (SRF) is an independent, non-profit research institute with the mission to develop new orthopaedic treatments. The Foundation’s main aim is to enable accelerated healing though research, development, innovation and education. Sue Hennessy, PhD is the Director of Research at the Stone Research Foundation and responsible for all research studies.

The Stone Research Foundation sponsors a number of research projects and collaborates with The Stone Clinic to perform outcome studies and randomized control trials. This collaboration is a big step for both Lynxcare and the Stone Research Foundation. Lynxcare is  delighted to start working with the prestigious team to collect all relevant outcome data points to track the quality of these new innovative orthopedic procedures. With the LynxCareMonitor platform, Dr. Stone is able to automate data collection for clinical outcome (automated processing of clinical records) and patient reported outcome measures (digital questionnaires). The extracted data is analyzed and converted into graphs/dashboards, providing the research team and Dr Stone with a real-time view on the quality of care on a population level, and the outcome data on a patient-by-patient level.

Several clinical pathways are available. For all pathways, Lynxcare is offering a complete pre-op preparation and a very detailed post-op follow-up (up to 18 months). At first patients will receive information concerning their participation to the research study and will be asked to fill in surveys so that patient-care can continuously improve. Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) are a vital part of the clinical care. The Stone Research Foundation and Clinic will then use this information to compliment the clinical follow-up and to report on the outcomes of the research study.

The first clinical pathway monitors The BioKnee® program, which combines Dr. Kevin Stone’s most innovative surgical procedures to create a solution for arthritis. The program has permitted thousands of people with sports injuries to return to their chosen sports and patients with moderate to severe arthritis to stay active, often delaying or avoiding a total knee replacement. A unique offering of The Stone Clinic, The BioKnee® repairs, regenerates or rebuilds damaged portions of knee cartilage and injured ligaments using advanced biologic techniques. The BioKnee® program was developed in 1991 by Dr. Kevin Stone. Since its inception, BioKnee patients have been followed up in clinical outcome studies for over 25 years which document that many BioKnee® patients return to sports have diminished pain and improved function than with an artificial knee replacement. These effects can last for many years post-surgery and thousands of patients with a BioKnee® continue to enjoy active lifestyles.

The second clinical pathway monitors The Partial Knee Replacement. A partial, or unicondylar, joint replacement resurfaces only the worn out portion of the joint, either the inside, outside or kneecap, leaving the rest of the joint alone. To work properly, the components must be put in extremely accurately. Even a millimeter or two of tilt or rotation dramatically affects the wear patterns and longevity of the components. For unparalleled accuracy in placement a MAKOplasty® partial knee resurfacing procedure using the Stryker MAKO Robotic Arm Assisted Orthopaedic System can be performed. The MAKO robot is the most sophisticated joint replacement system in the world. The system robotically guides the surgeon to precisely replace the joint, resulting in better alignment and reducing the risk of early wear.

Finally, The Injections Progam. TThis clinical trial is evaluating the impact of stem cells and growth factor injections on the chemical composition of the knee. The Stone Clinic is practicing a new anabolic era of accelerated healing in orthopaedic medicine and surgery. Tissues that are injured by trauma or arthritis can be stimulated to promote healing by introducing additional stem cells, growth factors and hyaluronate, the natural lubricant of joints. The current clinical preference is to use the combination of joint lubricant with stem cells and growth factors whenever tissues are injured to accelerate the process of healing and, in the setting of arthritis, to diminish the symptoms of pain, swelling, and stiffness. The goal is to define the specific and precise mix of these factors for each patient’s injury.

The Stone Research Foundation’s collaboration with Lynxcare is a natural addition to facilitate the research programs, in conjunction with The Stone Clinic, to deliver the upmost quality healthcare. Lynxcare’s quality measurement tool enables the Stone Research Foundation to create an efficient data collection system, reducing the need for double data entry resulting in real-time clinical and outcome data dashboards that will enhance clinical research and individual patient follow-up.