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How measuring outcomes improves care for patients:

24 Oct

Prof Dr Corten explaining the value for his orthopaedic clinic

Testimonial Orthopaedics


23 Sep

Legacy data is transformed into actionable insights for continuous outcome improvement

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Data-driven Decision Making


20 Sep

Efficient data collection & transfer from the EHR to a registry

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Platform of choice for a registry


22 Aug
Data aggregration & integration


22 Aug
Healthcare data: The consultant’s viewpoint


04 Sep

40% of reduction OR time whilst improving outcomes

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Quantifying efficiency & outcome improvement


29 Aug

"No surgeon should treat a patient without knowing what the outcomes are " - Dr. Kevin Stone

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Outcome driven care


22 Aug
Data analysis & forecasting


19 Aug

Director of quality discussing the use of (outcome) data as a management tool

Outcome data as a quality management tool


About us

LynxCare was founded by Georges De Feu (Pharm.D.-CEO) and Dries Hens (M.D.-CBO) to promote next-generation precision medicine aggregating accurate data over various hospital data sources (HL7, IoT, medical records, claims, …). We’re a team of healthcare providers (MD, PharmD, RN, …) and data scientists, building proprietary technology tailored to clinician’s needs. The AI-powered Big Data platform extracts key data points from the various siloed data sources and enables healthcare practitioners to improve the outcomes of their procedures and provide tailored care to their patients in real-time. The Lynx CareMonitorTM platform aggregates both clinical and patient-reported data points, and provides custom tools and API’s to both statistical interfaces and clinical pathway applications for:

  • 1. Individual patient follow up after procedures and therapy
  • 2. Population insights for care process optimization
  • 3. Quantification and continuous optimization of outcomes
  • 4. Clinical trials & research

For whom?

Our first responsibility is to the patients and careproviders. To improve lives and to quantify and optimize the outcomes of medical treatments and procedures.

Outcome driven hospitals

Use your data to improve quality & decrease costs

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Life sciences

Clinical evidence for trial design and post market real world evidence

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Clinical registries

Eliminate double data entry & give real time insights

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What our customers say

“For almost 1,5 years we actively monitor the quality of care and aggregated an enormous clinical database without any interference in the clinical practice. A must-have for treatment & follow-up, showing us exactly how the hospital and surgeons perform, what complications are to be expected.„

Prof. Dr. K. Corten

““With the Lynxcare platform, we are collecting information on indication, treatment, and follow-up, which is critical to improving our clinical workflow,” says Dr Dujardin. “Such systematic measurement and continuous improvement is the foundation of a high quality of care, which is the strategic priority of Delta General Hospital. ”„

Dr. K. Dujardin

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